Safeguards that make sh*t work

Our QA Engineers make an impact by improving the quality of your software product. Caring about the more than the quality of the product, they discover how your product, team and processes can be improved to provide the user/customer with the experience they crave. Different aspects (accessibility, usability, functionality, performance and load, security) lie within their scope.


Curious, resourceful, perseverant and gritty craftsmen and -women

Our QA engineers are one by one expert in their domain; all passioned about quality and always on the lookout for improvement. 

They are a special bread of consultants and cannot be put in one box or job title. Taking ownership for quality as front-line warriors require a large playing field and a broad personal skillset to adapt quickly, each within their primary specialty. 


  • Selenium-based unit test framework

  • ATDD testing with Cucumber 


Coordination and management of 

  • Infrastructure testing

  • ERP & supply chain testing

  • Data migration testing

  • Blockchain testing

  • Data-centric testing


  • Manual testing

  • Exploratory testing 

  • Story-driven testing

  • User-case driven testing

  • Develop test scenarios/test cases/test charters

  • Execute tests, manage defects & report results

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