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We look for talent and specific characteristics in you; we have a few ground rules set out about what we need to find in your DNA.

You don't take yourself to serious, and we accept you for who you are.
Dedicated to getting the job done with integrity, you take initiatives to thrive the project and yourself forward. 

A course set out and knowing how to achieve your goals in and outside the organisation, always keeping feet on the ground. Keeping own weaknesses, strengths, interests, values and ambitions in mind. Open and honest communication at all times is your first rule

We are challengers

Challenging the norms every day. Sometimes bold to drive the change towards a quality driven approach.

Growth is our mindset

Open to learn and develop skills through hard work and with listening to an input of others. It’s not about what we know today; it’s about the hunger for learning and perusing growth on all levels.

Curious by nature

Curiosity is what sparks our need to investigate, challenge, and understand. We can’t resist discovering new technologic evolutions.

The quality gene

You're passioned about quality and always on the lookout for improvement. It is an urge! Developing applications is good, but... your kick REALLY comes from developing freestyle and pushing an application towards breaking point and find the monsters. 


A fast-moving project in a cross-functional team gives you the energy to keep improving yourself. You like to be stimulated to learn and push yourself to the next level.