IN-class training

Meet the expert knowledge in the classroom...

Do you expect more from a training than a predefined slide deck? At we make the difference by bringing in our top experts right from the job to share their day-to-day experience on the training topic with you. This is your chance to get in-depth knowledge by having them clarify the training contents by speaking examples.  

...and get certified

Is your goal to become a certified software QA engineer? Being recognized as a fellow by the international testing community is extremely rewarding. Without dismissing you from individual study following accredited courses at is a great way for achieving your goal. Our trainers will prepare you during the course with example questions and mock exams to give you the best chances on success.      

Open & In Company


Do you want your team to excel in software quality assurance? We bring our knowledge to you and tailor it to your situation. Our in company classroom training allows your team to learn together in a familiar environment.  

Individuals and small teams are given the opportunity in our open training program with predefined dates and venues to learn from their peers coming from other backgrounds and industries. Look quickly at our calendar to plan for your next training.

In-classroom training in a nutshell in-classroom training means for you:

  • access to expert knowledge from trainers in the field who are happy to share their wisdom

  • a set of qualitative training material for your reference with many examples and exercises

  • option to take the exam at the end of the course and to get an internationally recognized certification upon passing the exam

  • an easily accessible and serene environment optimal for learning

  • maximum up to 12 trainees guarantees you get the attention you deserve

With in-classroom training brings software QA expert field knowledge to the classroom!


ISTQB® Foundation Level

Training 18, 19 and 22 June.

Exam on 23 June.

€ 1.355

ISTQB® Foundation Level, Mobile Tester

Training 24, 25 September.

Exam with voucher.

€ 1.245


ISTQB® Foundation Level, Agile Tester

Training 22, 23 October.

Exam with voucher.


ISTQB® Advanced Level, Test Automation

Training 10, 11 and 14 December.

Exam with voucher.


ISTQB® Advanced Level, Test Automation

Training 25, 26 and 29 June.

Exam with voucher.

€ 1.745

AiU® Certified Tester in AI

Training 1, 2 and 5 October.

Exam on 5 October.

€ 1.450


ISTQB® Advanced Level, Technical Test Analyst

Training 19, 20, 23 November. Exam with voucher.

€ 1.650


ISTQB® Advanced Level, Test Analyst

Training 17, 18 and 21, 22 September. Exam with voucher.

€ 2.000


ISTQB® Foundation Level

Training 8, 9 and 12 October.

Exam on 12 October.

€ 1.355


ISTQB® Foundation Level

Training 26, 27 and 30 November.

Exam on 30 November.

€ 1.355

Our in-classroom training sessions are instructor-led on venue. You can interact on a personal level with the trainer and other participants to have a shared experience fully dedicated to learning.

Our In-classroom training is for you when:

  • you are easily distracted and need a safe environment away from your usual workplace full of distractions to fully dedicate yourself to the learning task

  • you like a face-to-face dialogue between you and the trainer

  • you want a close guidance from our expert trainers

  • you value the fully interactive approach of our trainers who can adapt and focus to your specific questions and situation

  • you want to learn at best from your fellow trainees

  • you are keen on building personal relationships 

All our courses are available both in-company and through our open training format at our training venue. In-company training can be designed to fit your team's specific QA training goals, needs and expectations.

The in-classroom training format is ideal for certified training courses and exams:

Yes, unfortunately, the in-class training schedule has been adapted due to COVID-19. 
All in-class training is cancelled until 12 June 2020. Luckily for you, we have several virtual-class training scheduled. 

Want to find out more about these Software Quality Assurance Tooling Crash Courses? Subscibe to our webinar on 07 May 2020.

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