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The world of mobile applications is rapidly expanding. Apps and mobiles have become an important element of today’s IT and society in a very short time frame. It is important that IT professionals are up to date with the latest development of the mobile technology and how it impacts testing, performance and security. These impacts transpire and influence how IT specialists develop and test software in their everyday work.


The ISTQB CTFL-MAT course will present general standards in the creation and usage of mobile technology. It will give you an excellent introduction to the world of Mobile Application Testing. A Mobile App Testing certified professional can support the requirements team in review of mobile application, improve user experience with a strong understanding of usability and have the ability to identify and apply appropriate methods of testing, including proper usage of tools, unique to mobile technology. This Foundation Level Extension course provides you with the most relevant techniques and terminology.


At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

·         Understand and review business and technology drivers for mobile apps in order to create a test strategy.

·         Identify and understand the key challenges, risks and expectations associated with testing a mobile application.

·         Apply test types and levels specific to mobile applications.

·         Apply common test types, such as those mentioned in ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level syllabus, in the mobile                 specific context.

·         Carry out the activities required specifically for mobile application testing as part of the main activities of the ISTQB® test                process.

·         Identify and use suitable environments and appropriate tools for mobile application testing.

·         Understand methods and tools specifically to support mobile application test automation.


The Foundation Level Mobile Application Testing qualification is aimed at people who have already achieved a Foundation point in their careers in software testing and wish to develop further their expertise in Mobile Application Testing. Essentially any person with an interest in the testing role in the Mobile world can benefit from this course (such as Testers, Analysts, Software Developers, Project leaders)


·         To receive the Mobile Application Testing certification participants need to hold an ISTQB® Certified Tester – Foundation                Level Certificate (CTFL).

·         Basic knowledge and a first experience in mobile apps testing is recommended but not strictly required.


·         Overview of Mobile World Business and technology drivers: Analytics data; Business model; Device types; Types of apps;                Apps architecture; Test strategy; Challenges and risks.

·         Mobile Apps Test Types: Compatibility with device hardware; App interactions with device software; Various connectivity               methods.

·         Common Test Types and Test Process: Common test types; Specific test levels; Experienced based test techniques; Test                process and approaches.

·         Platforms, Tools and Environment: Development platforms and tools; Emulators & simulators; Test labs.

·         Automating the Test Execution: Approaches; Methods; Tools evaluation.


·         40 multiple-choice questions.

·         Scoring of 1 point for each correct answer.

·         Pass mark of 65% (26 points out of 40).

·         Duration of 60 minutes (or 75 minutes, if the candidate's native language is not the exam language).


we foresee for you

·         Printed course hand-outs.

·         A copy of the ISTQB® Foundation Level Mobile Application Testing syllabus.

·         Practical assignments, along with their solutions.

·         Sample exam questions and answers.

And our tutors’ experience in software testing through various real-life examples.

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