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THE Jumpstart Program

Within the industry, there is a huge shortage of software quality engineers and there's you; someone passionate about bits and bites. The Jumpstart Program provides the bridge!

You might think: 'Do I have the right education?'. No problem! Do you have perseverance and the will to make it work?

You are whom we are looking for to join! The Jumpstart program is also a perfect addition to a Bachelor, HBO5 or development training track.

Do you want to apply for the next one; it starts on March 2nd 2020.

FIVE areas of expertISE


Send us your CV and proof your motivation to us by answering 2 questions;

Why are you the perfect candidate for the Jumpstart Program?

Why do you want to become a Jumpstarter?


How you send your motivation is up to you! If you want to demonstrate something of yourself like a hobby, or DIY project,... Please enlighten us!

The next steps

To become a Jumpstarter you will need to go true a few steps before you can be selected.

We investigate whether you fit in the TTL Guild or not:

       - your performance during the practical part of the Jumpstarters Selection Day on January 8th, 17th or 31st.

       - the cultural match

Keep calm and apply

No need to stress about it! We are not monsters. We find monsters :). We promise to make it a positive experience whatever the outcome!

Are you one of the lucky ones that get selected, we will train and develop you into a junior software quality engineer.


Be part of the amazing TTL QA Guild

An employer that upholds the company values is everything we do. 

Have an impact on the growth of by taking part in the added value projects.

And a lot of other perks :-) 

WANT TO HUNT Monsters?

Apply Now!

For The Jumpstart Program of 02/03/2019 please apply before 31/01/2019

Nathalie or Peter will respond to your application within 3 business days. If you haven't received any word after 3 business days, please give us a call on +32-2-252.12.17, something must have gone wrong with your application.

We really hope to meet you soon!

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