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Want to know how our first Jumpstart Training Program of 2020 is going ? Dig in !

Updated: Apr 10

1. Meet & Connect

It all started with our Meet & Connect days in early January 2020. We were on the lookout for Software QA engineers in the making, for people with the right mindset, behaviour and attitude. We specifically went and looked for those Software QA go-getters. But just to set the record straight: you don't have to be a hardcore IT-specialist to catch our eye. On the contrary, you can have a completely different background but still have a strong passion for IT and combine analytics with a meticulous mindset. So yes, we got out there (through the media but also through our devoted Sherlock Holmes like recruiter and found 8 great people to start out the Jumpstart Training Program (JSTP) journey with us.

2. QA Academy

Mid February 2020 we were all set. The first big challenge for our 8 soon to be Software QA engineers was to complete the Quality Assurance Academy or the 'QA Academy' as we like to call it. Just to be clear: the QA Academy is far more than just a crash course in Software Quality Assurance. It's a complete 3-day course and assessment in which TTL.be provides participants with the fundamentals of testing, an overview of the fundamental test processes, techniques and tools as well as an introduction into test management. During the QA Academy our well-esteemed and certified coaches also look into the nature of the participants. How do they interact with other colleagues ? Are they truly eager to learn ? Are they relating really and passionately to the field of Software QA ? Yep, we want the cake, the icing and the cherry. Then, by the end of day 3 comes "le moment suprême": the ISTQB certification exam. You'll have to pass that certification, otherwise we can't take you to the next level where we dig deep(er) into Software QA. Luckily for us, all eight of our devoted Software QA apprentices ;-) succeeded in the ISTQB certification exam with flying colors.

3. Jumpstart Training Program (JSTP) Week 1

Beginning of March we then moved on with the Jumpstart Training Program (JSTP). The JSTP trajectory started out with getting to know each other a little better during the ttl.be introduction day. All of our 8 QA aces were very enthusiastic about... lunch. What can we say ? At ttl.be, we're no great cooks, yet awesome Software QA specialists. Therefore our cooking rule #1 is: if at first you don't succeed, order pizza. After the introduction day we dived into our first week of training with serious matters such as Agile requirements and testing which builds upon the ISTQB Foundation Certified Tester (CTFL) training. Our 8 chosen ones made their entrance into the wonderful world of test automation and tooling. To lighten things up we also had our first session of soft skills centered around personality development. Ever heard of the marshmallow challenge ? Don't worry. You will. At least, if you are one of the lucky men or women to participate in our next JSTP sessions. :-)

4. Jumpstart Training Program (JSTP) Week 2

Week 2 started out with outlining the fundamentals of their project work. Also, our participants took their first steps towards real test automation. They got productive with Selenium in combination with Phython and Java. As we already pointed out, behaviour, attitude and mindset are very important at ttl.be. So, during week 2 we got even more busy with soft skill sessions. We've worked on things such as: communication, flexibility, listening skills, empathy, teamwork, interaction, learnability, .... We topped things off with interview skills. Why ? Because, you can be the best Software QA engineer, if you don't know how to express yourself, how to explain what your intentions are both professionally and personally, the recruiter might get confused on a possible profile match.

5. Jumpstart Training Program (JSTP) Week 3-5

As you can see, week 2 of the JSTP was a damn serious hurdle to take. But they all got there. So all participants were extremely happy, and by consequence, we at ttl.be were extremely happy too. Next on schedule was a mock video interview and a remote (video) presentation of their project work. Don't underestimate this part because it is crucial to get busy in real life, that is inside a real company. The outcome of the project work dictated if they're ready for the next part of the program: on the job learning. The rest is history. Like other companies we also got tackled by COVID19. In normal circumstances our candidates progress fluidly to a first on-the-job experience. Due to a lack of open positions however, only three of them are currently going through an on the job training trajectory, being it remote due the applicable security measures. Well, they're safe in every way imaginable. We can tell you that. They're working from home while being backed by our well-esteemed ttl.be mentors.

To be continued.

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