Why should you join The Jumpstart QA Program?

Geoffrey joined TTL.be a few years back. He was interested in testing, was studying for his Bachelor IT and didn't have any of the required QA skills to start as Test Automation Engineer. BUT! He had the right mindset and personality.

He took the jump in a training track focussing on developing his technical skills and QA expertise combined with coaching on his communications, interpersonal and consulting skills. Engaging in a Journey for talent!

Geoffrey has grown on all levels and inspired us to start The Jumpstart QA Program. He plays a significant role in training and mentoring The Jumpstarters, and he explains to you why YOU should join!

Everyone gets a chance

"The Jumpstart Program is a more structured outline for people that are new to testing. People that come either from school or that come from another career and want to get into software testing.

So we have a nice structured way of learning the skills you need in this field. We are also open to people that have a passion for IT but have no 'formal' degree in it. You need some background in programming or IT, but it's mostly the person that we need, the skills you can learn."

Personal Development is a priority

"When I compare it to when I started to where I am now, I learned a lot of things, both technically and personally.

It really helps if you have a company where you can just ask something, and you'll get an answer.

We have a roadmap that keeps track of coming trends, prepare for new technologies that might come up, but also refine technologies of the existing ones.

So there is always the opportunity to learn something new, or learn a new skill or find a new problem that you want to throw yourself at."

A challenging job

"As a test automation engineer, you have to work with the team to see which of these features we need to test can be automated. And you need to work on a plan.

So it's a bit of planning and management. And then you also need to write the code and test the code. And make sure it gets implemented in the pipeline. So it's a bit of everything.

You need a very broad knowledge base. It's not like a developer that focuses on one specific code programming language or code style. You need to know a bit about everything.

And then you need to know which people you need to ask questions to if you get stuck.

I think it's more interesting than just developing.

You do touch all those different things, versus someone that only has to develop in Java or in big database programs."

People come first

"It's all very open and very informal for the most part which is nice in my opinion. Because if you need something or something goes wrong, or you need to take some personal time off,

you can just call in and you usually get a response instantly.

It doesn't feel like your just an employee at an employer. It's just one of your co-workers that also happens to be your boss. Which is, in my opinion, very nice."

A vibrant atmosphere

"We are a consultancy firm, so we don't meet that often.

But at every team event, or when we meet, it's always very jovial. Like having a nice dinner or going to ski in one of the indoor ski sites or going on a tour of a city.

We like being in a smaller company that has a very open environment and a friendly atmosphere."

Grab your ticket to a wonderful IT career and subscribe for The Jumpstart QA Program. Our find out if you have what it takes to be a Jumpstarter!


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