Do you dare to get out of your comfort zone into the MAGIC zone?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Your 'Comfort zone' is the 'area' where you feel most comfortable. It's your current habits; routines, skills, knowledge, attitudes and behavior.

Around your comfort zone is the 'Learning zone'. where you expand your world view, learn new skills, change your habits,.... You observe, experiment, compare, learn and enjoy in this zone.

Beyond the 'Learning zone' is what people call the 'Panic zone' or 'No experience zone'. For many people this zone is filled with doubt and fears.( 'What if something goes wrong?'). But for successful people this zone is actually 'The MAGIC zone'. In this area magical and amazing things can happen to you!

Here are things that you haven't encountered yet. It's 'The Big Challenge Zone'.

Once you have been to 'The Big Challenge Zone' your comfort zone will never be the same again, because it will expand and keep expanding. Leaving your comfort zone is to broaden it! It doesn't mean that you lose what you already had. It means that you add to it.

Conclusion: Change is not to lose but to develop. Still it's not always easy to step out of your comfort zone. Since your emotions will pull you back in to the comfort zone. Fear of failure, ridicule, shame,... You will have to face these fears in order to grow.

Stepping out of your comfort zone, doesn't mean changing who you are. It means trying out new things.

A few small ideas to start with

Read a book a month.

Unplug tech gadgets for No-Tech Sundays.

Find a new hobby associated with physical movement.

Learn to tango.

Create a SMART goal

Brush your teeth while standing on one leg.

Get intentionally lost and try to find your way back using maps.

Try a new recipe.

Change up your daily routines, like reading the paper and checking email and Facebook in the morning.

Take an improvisation class or ceramics class.

Watch a TV show in another language.

Hated eating fish as a kid? Try it again.

Make friends with people outside your industry.

Talk on the phone while walking on a treadmill.

Give! Volunteer at a local school or nonprofit or do other good deeds.

Try karate.

Climb a mountain.

Become a mentor.

More inspiration?

At we have mentors who will help, guide, challenge and support you to get to that magical big challenges zone and achieve your goals. Are you looking for a new challenge in Software Quality Assurance, but in need of some support to get to that higher level of consciousness? Let's connect!


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