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ttl.be Software QA webinar on Automated API and GUI testing

Updated: May 21


The world of test automation is changing at a fast pace. In the realm of test automation platforms, processes and solutions at ttl.be we aim for a quick, reliable and efficient Software QA testing framework. However, without steep learning curves. Quality along speed and trustworthiness of test automation solutions are key.


Our free webinar on Automated API and GUI testing shows a tester how to get started with automation and combine both GUI's (by using Selenium) and API's (by using Requests) as testing endpoints. This allows using a standardized approach. If you are a Software QA testing/automation engineer or decision-maker, during this free Software QA webinar you will gather valuable insights on how to optimize your day-to-day SQA strategy and Software QA test/automation working methods. Moreover, you will gain proper knowledge on some important Software QA testing trends.


Your host for this webinar will be Peter, Chief Technical Officer at TTL.be. As an experienced Software QA testing specialist with a profound knowledge (in the field and as a trainer at the TTL.be QAcademy), Peter is the designated person to provide you with a thorough understanding of the in and outs of software quality assurance and the latest trends on test automation.


By the end of this free Software QA webinar you'll have grasped the basics of Software QA and test automation. Moreover, you'll have gained insight on current developments as well as future trends in the domain of Software QA testing, test automation, Automated API and GUI testing.

There seems to be a paradigm shift in the world of Software QA testing and test automation. Why is that ?

Peter: 'The shift from Waterfall Methodology to the Agile way of working implies that some testers are starting to fall off the fast-paced Software QA boat.'

These days even experienced test automation engineers are coping to keep up with Software QA methods, platforms and solutions. Can you explain ?

Peter: 'Although they have a rock-solid QA background and most of them also know their way around command lines, have some programming experience and possess a broad technical insight, the fact that they lack experience with specific tools and technologies makes them land on the bottom of the pile these days. On top of that, new technologies pop up continuously. It's a challenge to separate the bare necessities from the nice-to-haves.'

Testers and testing organizations are constantly looking for tools and methods that can solve typical bottlenecks in Software QA testing and test automation. Yet, they still struggle to find a proper balance between development and actual testing. Why's that ?

Peter: 'In V-model development lifecycle, most testing occurred manually, any automation needed a lot of custom work, causing an overload of development & little actual testing.'





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