Training in a virtual-class at is more than everyday e-learning: 'Why?'. Let's explain!

Updated: May 6

We've all followed a webinar, an online training course, an e-learning track where there is a lack of something. That something can be; real-time trainer support, · limited interaction between participants and or trainer, no time for open discussions or questions, etc. In our virtual-class we do implement these factors, making up the foundation of our successful format.

We create engagement through a combination of self-learning, looking at and listening to a screen while enjoying and real-time support, including discussions between participants and trainer.

Is it for you?

Our virtual-class format is for you when you are looking for:

  • self-paced e-learning sessions with near real-time trainer support to get the most out of and maximize the value of the training;

  • virtual live classes and real-time hands-on lessons with the expert trainer;

  • possibility to access virtual live session recordings when you are unable to attend (a part) of the training;

  • modular learning before, during and after the virtual session;

  • compact group training up to 10 max trainees.

Software Quality Assurance training through our virtual-class at QAcademy brings interactive training to your home or office!

Virtual means more than technology-based

Therefore our virtual classroom model plays entirely on the strengths brought by online learning.

Take full advantage of our modular online learning platform designed for busy professionals.

  • Bite-ready training pieces, easy to fit in your busy schedule;

  • step-by-step tutorials;

  • expert trainers are available via chat;

  • prepares you to go full power ahead in the virtual-class sessions.

Virtual-class live sessions have the same quality standards of our in-class sessions.

At dedicated times, trainer-led virtual live courses will assess if you master the content and challenge you with exercises. At a virtual classroom training is in-classroom training when it comes to interaction and trainer support. Your trainer will solve issues encountered during exercises while screen sharing so you will learn first-hand how to solve common problems, and we will get you right on track again in no time.

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We hope to meet you soon in our virtual classroom!

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