The Jumpstart Training Program; What's in it for you?

With around 20,000 IT jobs eagerly waiting to be filled and few finding their way into the sector, decided to take on a challenge. With a 12 week Jumpstart Training Program, we at want to help people with the right mindset find their ticket into the IT sector. Why? Because we care about you. We are front-line warriors in Software Quality Assurance, and we know how to match the right talent to the right IT job.

In August this year Abdel and Gita were some of the first Jumpstarters to graduate the Training Program. In 2020 we are looking to boost 12 other people into an IT career they deserve!

How did you get in touch with for the Jumpstart Training Program?

Abdel: "I first came across the Jumpstart Program through an article in a Trends Top Gazelle magazine. What stood out to me was that the Jumpstart Program focusses on training people with programming skills, even if they don’t necessarily have a formal degree. It sounded like an opportunity of a lifetime as my passion for technology had already resulted in my starting an evening Graduate Degree in Programming at the 'AP Hogeschool' in Antwerp."

Gita: "I was contacted by Nathalie, who is one of the coaches. She managed to find me online. At the Meet & Connect recruitment day, we had to do some funny assignments in a small team and also had lunch together. After a short interview, I immediately knew that I was selected to become a Jumpstarter."

What effect did the Jumpstart Training Program have on your life?

Abdel: "At the time I was a full-time bus driver, learning new IT skills during my evening courses, with nowhere to really put them into practice. Applying for IT jobs, I got the sense that they didn't look beyond my non-standard learning and growth path. Being selected as a Jumpstarter meant big changes. Trading a job that pays the bills for a new path; following my dreams."

Gita: “You read about there being 16,000 – 20,000 IT jobs to be filled, but I know first-hand, it's quite challenging to launch yourself on the job market, especially as a foreigner. Even though I already have a Bachelor of IT from Indonesia and followed the Hack Your Future Training Program. The Jumpstart Program literally kick-started my IT career."

What would you tell the next Jumpstarters?

Abdel: "It's a tough but great experience! You learn a lot of new skills and techniques, which you have to put in to practice instantly. The program makes you leave your comfort zone, pushing through when it's hard. Don't get intimidated; the coaches support you during the complete program on both a professional and personal level."

Gita: "You have to maintain a very steep learning curve during the first 4 weeks of the program. You learn techniques in testing and how to write code with Selenium, Cucumber, Java, Ruby, etc.

The soft skills training helps you boost your self-confidence, learn the ins and outs of doing an interview and teaches you to be aware of your interpersonal skills."

How would you sum up this whole experience in just a few words?

Abdel: "Educational, intense and motivating."

Gita: "Challenging, unforgettable, life-changing."

What's your best memory of the program?

Abdel: "I will never forget the people that I met via the program. The team are some of the friendliest and open people I've met since I've moved to Belgium from The Netherlands. The best moment was when we finished the 4 weeks of training and started our on-the-job learning together on a project."

Gita: "There are so many! The news that I had been selected as a Jumpstarter, passing the ISTQB exam (which is a requirement to complete the program), studying together with the other Jumpstarters, having lunch with the team – we once had to make lunch for the complete team and share something personal about ourselves. But the real icing on the cake was when, on the last day, Nathalie told Abdel and I, that we could stay on at the project, because the customer is really happy with our work. "

Who would you recommend to apply for the Jumpstart Training Program? And why?

Abdel: "Whether you are having trouble starting as in IT or not; The Jumpstart Training Program is a great experience and a beautiful start to a career in Software QA."

Gita: "This program is a complete package for those interested in taking up a new challenge in Software Quality Assurance. I'm very grateful that I got to join The Jumpstart Training Program, and I'm now a member of the QA Guild. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our coaches; Nathalie, Peter, Sam and Geoffrey for the help, motivational speeches and inspiration. And Babette for always making sure we had everything we needed.”

Now it’s up to you… How do you know you have what it takes to follow your dreams?

To get into the Jumpstart Training Program the most important thing is motivation. We are looking for people who aren’t afraid of life-changing experiences and want to follow their dreams.

Do you have a growth mindset? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone? Are you inquisitive by nature? Are you tech-savvy? Subscribe here

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